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Open Calls for BIRCA 23

Now we are ready to launch our 3 calls for residencies in 23 – BIRCA Kids, BIRCA Women and the new one BIRCA Queer. For all deadline for applications is 31/1-23.

Read more about BIRCA Kids – only for Danish-based performing arts families and text is in Danish

Read more about BIRCA Women – for Danish and international performing artists

Read more about BIRCA Queer – for Danish and international performing artists

All residencies are supported by the Danish Arts Council.

Some may miss Island Connect – we are still working on it as we await a final response from the EU on our application. Something will come out hopefully during January, but we want to do something because we love that network and have just got 3 new exciting partners in Sardinia, Corsica and Tenerife.


2022 has again been a busy year for BIRCA. The place has unfolded in many ways with exciting projects and artists who have used the place. We have received support from the Danish Arts Foundation for this year’s residencies under the title Radical Women of a total of 200,000 DKK for Island Connect, BIRCA Women and BIRCA Kids. In addition, we have received indirect support through Metropolis for the Talking Landscapes project, where we also had an exhibition at Bornholm’s Art Museum about Walking Landscapes and unfolding the first ideas for next year’s Performing Landscapes project. The projects have also been supported by Bornholm Regions Municipality, Fogs Fond and BUPL’s foundation. Island Connect is supported by Creative Europe and during the year we have worked to strengthen the project going forward with a large new EU application, where 3 new partners from Sardinia, Corsica and Tenerife have been added.

There have been fine self-organized residencies with the Queen of the Meadow project from Ireland, Second Hand Women from the Czech Republic, Golden Joint residency with Julie Rasmussen, Degenerate Art Ensemble from the USA, Delia Trice from Italy/DK, and we have welcomed two Russian stage artists through the organization Artists at Risk. In total, 68 performing artists with their 16 children have visited us in 2022. In addition, we have had a groove workshop and several other individual visits.

We have deepened and strengthened the 3 tracks we work with: The local/island identity, nature connections/climate considerations and gender identity. We have created space for a nuanced understanding of the concept of gender and for embracing parenthood. There have been children present at a many residencies as we work purposefully to create an environment where children are welcome.

You can read the full report with a lot of nice photoes here