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The activities in 2019 have consisted of: Residencies, both self-organized, in the context of Island Connect and in the context of The Contact Zones project – most have finished with open work-in-progress showings –  TOCIF, contact Improvisation fetstival, the Contact Zones festival with the exhibition 100% Fremmed?, presentation of performances at Bornholm Culture Week, workshops in Artistic Entrepreneurship and Continium Retreat and participation in The People’s Democratic Festival/Folkemødet.


BIRCA in 2019 rose to a new level with more visitors so that the vision of helping performing artists to show their potential succeeded. We found a design with full focus on research-based residencies where the artists experienced that they were supported by the peaceful environment and could concentrate and go deep into the artistic processes in order to find a new creative energy. We found our way to make feed-back processes which made sense for artists developing their material. At the same time, we fulfilled the ambition of creating a more local engagement partly through cooperating with local performing artists and partly through work-in-progress showings and performances for people on Bornholm.

All in all, 79 people (of these 46 women) from 20 countries – as well as 40 participants from 17 countries in TOCIF.  We have hosted 10 public arrangements for about 150 local and tourist and at the Contact Zones Festival about 3-400 participated. A lot of people saw 100% Fremmed? in Gudhjem.

You can read the full report here


Contact Zones is an international and cross-disciplinary project: its aim is creating contact and interaction between performing arts, urban spaces/non-conventional venue and people. It has 4 partners from Italy, Germany ands Denmark. Danig Performing Arts Service is the Danish partner and BIRCA is collaborating on this project. It takes place from 29/10/2018 to 29/02/2020. In Denmark the main festival is taking place in Gudhjem on the Island of Bornholm on July 28th.

Look for info om the Danish festival on

Look for more on the total project on

Joint Facebook-site her

To be fleeing


Currently BIRCA, as part of Iceland Connect project, are hosting the two beautiful clowns from Ibiza: Monma and David from the company Clownidoscopio. The two mimic clowns are here to create a new performance together with the Danish theater director from Limfjord Theater Gitta Malling. Together they work with the feeling of being refugees in an upcoming show for children. David is on the run and has no place to be, Monma, on the other hand, is bound to the 9th generation family apple plantation and longs to get away. How do we understand each other? How can we imagine what it’s like to be the other? It’s fun, physical and without using a word, they convey a large register of emotions to us.


At the same time, the Danish performer and director Eja Due from Theater Bæst is working together with the Iranian musician and composer Tin Soheili – also with the thematic refugee. They are investigating personal stories of escape to find similarities and differences in the sense of escape, whether physical or internally, from the things we do not want to carry on with us in life. For Tin escaped is a concrete memory he brought with him from Iran, for Eja escape is a more subtle sense of wanting to go away and wanted something else. During their residency they will exchange their stories with refugees on Bornholm to open up all the great stories people carry with them, thus developing material for the performance.


BIRCA together with the artists is inviting everybody interested for a small display of their work-in-progress Wednesday 9th of May at 19. Here you can see what they have worked with and be in dialogue with the artists about their studies of their theme of escape and have a cup of coffee.


At the end of June, both groups will continue working on the projects in the residency at BIRCA’s partner in Mallorca C.IN.E, and later in the year, the performances will be played in Majorca and in Denmark.


BIRCA is waiting for the spring and for you!

Just came home from a beautiful Easter holidays at BIRCA – and we had a big snowstorm – in April! But the fire was on and you could remind yourself that spring is coming somehow soon also in Denmark. And the sun came and left this amazing landscape.


We could not do any outdoor work. So work was done on indoors with development of ideas and new programs for my company and BIRCA. Realized I need to regain my role a creative producer – developing new projects together with the artists and finding the funding, branding and selling. Ready to work in collaboration with 4-6 Danish artists more permanently. And then I have developed programs for Artistic Entrepreneurship and how to sell your work internationally. Very exciting times waiting ahead.



But most of all, it’s soon BIRCA time. With all the peace and joy the island brings. Easter inspired me to make a little video about what’s waiting for you, based on photos from last year. Share it with friends and spread the message about BIRCA pleasures. Spring brings this program (there are still space and you can read more on BIRCAs web):


29/4- 13/5 Island Connect Mallorca residency – link

18-21/5 Yoga Retreat with Mette Lønhardt  – link

23-27/5 Capacity Building workshop on Artistic Entrepreneurship – Link


The Capacity Building workshop is the first of its kind and it’s especially cheap in May because we want to test our material – if you want to join the first ever event Sofie Haag and I do together – with participation by Pia Buchardt – so it’s soon time to commit.


And we have found the two winners of our Island Connect Croatia: the Danish part is  Gunilla Lind Danseteater, who will be working on a project where nature meet the body in The natural Vs The Unnatural. From Croatia it will also be a choreographic project under direction of  Tatjana Vukadinović, who works with nature in contact improvisation. Two young dancegroups – great times ahead!  We look forward to seeing them at BIRCA in September, where they will also be a part of our program for Bornholm Cultureweek. But first they go to Croatia in June.


Embrace the spring

Are you ready to undfold your potential?

I make an effort to be the best version of myself every day. The version that sees other people and supports their way in life. The version that does not cause unnecessary noise in the world. That supports my surroundings. A person to deserve trust. A person that adds something new to the world.


I make my morning rituals, do my exercise (tennis, yoga, walking) – and I make sure to learn somethings new. I’m a curious person, and I’m constantly caught up with new things – which I really love. So when I recently saw a webinar that challenged one to study something new 20 minutes every day, I was not late to jump on it – and now sends the challenge forward:


Read in a book, listen to a podcast, watch exciting videos every day for at least 20 minutes.


You keep your mind buzzing, but it’s actually also one of the most important tricks of high paid CEOs. We need new learning more than we need news 24/7. So I am currently in the process of studying Michael Beckwith and Brendon Burchard again – Brendon’s High Performance learning is really useful, and I’ll get back to this later. And I’m studying theoretical books on Artistic Entrepreneurship, my new favorite subject. On my nightstand lays a book on Shamanism – looking forward to getting more reading time at Easter.


Michael Beckwith had a nice little course at Mindvalley (a good learning platform that I would recommend) to create a worthy vision for one’s self. Here he introduced two ways to learn Kensho (slow learning and change) and Satori (sudden leap of learning). Kensho is, therefore, this daily discipline to make an effort to develop oneself. I practice this – but at the same time I also know that I have experienced Satori the most – the sudden insight that has changed my way of being in the world. And most of the time this has happened, when I’ve given myself the time to go away for a course/workshop – to a new place where you could really focus and open up with other people around. Courses you leave in high spirit with a feeling of going home to conquer the world.


Such some courses I would love to host and facilitate! Courses that really makes a difference, where the participants open their eyes to the world around them and create change!


BIRCA is an important part of this vision – now I have the place and the opportunity to create things just as I wish. At the same time, I just started a journey together with Swedish Sofie Haag to investigate artistic entrepreneurship and develop tools to support visionary and sustainable artistic companies (I will return to her and this project).


We now launch the first step in this journey: our joint Capacity Building Workshop for artistic entrepreneurs at BIRCA, where you can also meet Pia Buchardt and other international experts. If you want to join from the start and help us do our best to develop the ultimative course for artistic entrepreneurs, you have the chance here in May. We are preparing a new workshop 29/8-2/9 and plan to develop the concept in the next years.


Capacity Building Workshop for artistic entreprenuers with Susanne Danig, Sofie Haag and Pia Buchardt

Do you dream about really unfolding your true potential? Do you have a feeling, that you have more to give, but don’t know how to move to the next level? Then join this intensive 5-day course where you get the opportunity to find peace and sight, connect with your real purpose, get new learning and create a plan for your new life together with other beautiful people. The course is for artistic / administrative leaders (you are welcome as a team) and self-producing performing artists, and it takes place in the beautiful nature of Bornholm. Get personal and strategic tools, find flow and visions – get networks and a business plan home.


The workshop will be directed by BIRCAs director, mentor and international theatre producer Susanne Danig/DK in collaboration with business consultant, producer and promoter Sofie Haag/SE and cultural coach and innovator Pia Buchardt/DK, with guest teachers Yohann Floch from the FACE network and more specialists.

Price: 670 € Incl. lodging and food. Early bird to 1/5-18: 540 €.

For more information on the workshop see here

Sign up via this link


I really hope that you will take the chance – or give yourself the chance – and come on this journey with us – we have kept the price very low this year to get started. If you’d like to see what others have gained from participating in my processes and visiting BIRCA, I’ve made a small testimonial list below. And Sofie – yes, it’s really an honor for me that a capacity like her wants to share my vision – she is an expert in both entrepreneurship and branding/communication with the main focus on music drama/opera where she has made major events in London. You can look forward to meeting her!


If you are curious about what this BIRCA is, and what we can help you with check out our webpage – we welcome artists from all over the world. You can also book a room and a rehearsal space at our beautiful place and we will rejoice in recieving you all summer from May 1st to September 30th.

International perspectives

Working internationally is absolutely essential to me – it’s in my blood. I started out in the 90s with Trevor Davies as a mentor in the Copenhagen Culture City 96 days, where we had a stream of international projects and guest performances – and it has been in my blood ever since. Therefore, the international perspective for me is also quite diverse and founded in many years of friendships and contacts around the world. It’s not just about getting out and meeting people, not just about touring – it’s about creating lasting relationships and creating new things together.


From 95 I have been a member of the IETM network, which is my international “theatrefamiliy” and I participate as much as possible in all meetings around Europe. I have worked at the ITI – International Theater Institute – and love its multicultural approach. I have been to ISPA meetings. Researches on the Res Ars network (that works with artistic residencies). And today I’m also a member of the FACE network (cross-disciplinary formats). I LOVE NETWORKS. But they are also my work tools to build my own networks and projects, this is where I get new knowledge, here I meet people who inspire me. I have been to a myriad of festivals and seen a bunch of performances around the world – which I also LOVE. And yes, these activities also leads to touring activities. Sometimes when we talk about international work, we miss this ambiguity, because we would so much like to sell our performances.


Throughout my work life, I have been working to sell performances, and I have always had smaller touring projects going on – just always avoided becoming an agent. In 2017 I had performances in China, France and 2 times in Norway. In this spring I work with performances for Norway (where Lyst# 2 right now creates a lot of debate), Holland and Belgium. It takes a lot of planning and incredibly hard work to sell performances and get them on the road – and so I’m careful not to promise too much in this field. But I really want to support more international touring. I also know that in order to succeed, an artist really must want it, focus on it and be prepared to create the ultimate clarity of who he / she is. Of course you must have good performances who wants to communicate something, you need to stick up for it, you must know your market and be willing to go to networking events, pitch and listen to what the organizers are asking for. In other words, you must be really professional.


It’s really the reason why I work with mentorships and the development of the artistic clarity – I do not “sell” artists until I really know who they are and what they can achieve, so I can stand 100% behind them. My own renommé is always at stake. We’ll have to go the distance together. And often it involves a lot of time and a lot of meetings, that often has nothing to do with touring at all. Doing projects together and getting collegues to introduce you is a very solid foundation to build your touring on. You have to know what you are doing and do it like a pro.


If you really want to be that pro, I have build the perfect course for you in May at the BIRCA – Capacity Building Workshop with myself, Pia Buchardt and Yohann Floch as your guides into a master plan for your international work. Where you will meet international colleagues who can help you further. Read more about it here. I’m really looking forward to testing this new format – and hope you will give it a try. I have kept the price really low – and before 1. April you can even get an early bird price of 4000 DKK/540 € incl. lodgings and food.


And there are also residencies – here you can have time to investigate your partners while creating art. This is what I build BIRCA for – there is always space for you – just contact me for further information. For Danes and Croats there is a special chance to apply for the Iceland Connect Croatia – read more about this favorite project of mine here


Yes, there are many aspects and many possibilities, many building blocks you can grab and work on.


And you can see a recording of the web event I had with Janet Attwood 14/2 about selflove – or start looking forward to our next web event 14/3 with the beautiful Beth Lefevre – it’s quite free.



Wednesday 14/3 at 16 on Zoom

Meet Beth Lefevre – the Master Trainer of all things. She was the first to become a master trainer of the Passion Test, but she also brought into this work a bunch of her own things on letting go of all the things that holds you back in life. And she runs the Passion Test for Business program.

She taught me so many things and I am so happy to be able to share this moment with her – bringing to you practical sensible advice on how to live your life in peace.

Read more about Beth here. To register and get the full benefit go here


Grab the possibilities



BIRCA workshops and resicency for spring 2018


This spring we offer residencies in a program we call Island Connect and we have a very interesting Capacity Building workshop May 23-27. You can also still just book space at BIRCA for reflection, work in progress and rehearsals.


ISLAND CONNECT residency for 2018 – Call for applications


BIRCA offers a residency program for two Danish performing arts companies, one group will do exchange with the C.IN.E center at Mallorca and one group will do the exchange with the Fund for Others residency program in Croatia under the DOMINO organization.


Danish companies will be offered 2 weeks of free residency at BIRCA on Bornholm together with the group from either Croatia or Mallorca and flights to Mallorca/Croatia covered for 4 persons in these periods:


  • Mallorca exchange dates: 30. April to 13. May at BIRCA & 16. to 29. July at Mallorca


  • Croatia Exchange dates: 4. to17. June in Croatia & 18. June to 1. July at BIRCA


Applications should be send to no later than 3/1-18 and it should describe the artistic background of the applicant as well a short description of which program you will apply for and why you want to go on a residency program. All applications will be evaluated by Susanne Danig, the final selection will be made by the Mallorca/Croatian residency program to best fit into their program and artistic interests. We are interested to make the best fit between our resources, capacities and communities, so the program and the individual residency will have the biggest possible impact for the residency centres and the artists involved.


Read more here


May 23 – 27

Capacity Building Workshop with Susanne Danig and Pia Buchardt


An intensive week of learning for artistic leaders and self-producing performing arts in the beautiful nature on Bornholm – get personal and strategic tools, find flow and vision – get networks and a business plan. Directed by Susanne Danig in collaboration with Pia Buchardt and with guest teachers, including Yohann Floch / FACE Network.


Price: 670 € Incl. lodging and food. Early bird to 22/12: 540 €.


Read more about the details here


Sign up via this link

Summer courses at BIRCA

IT is time for BIRCA now ….

CPH Stage, our big Danish festival, with all its business has ended – and summer is on its way. For me, this it means time on BIRCA on Bornholm. And now you also have the opportunity to come over here, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the magic of Bornholm and at the same time gain knowledge. We offer 5 different courses from late July to late August – and I hope you would choose to participate in one of them.


Much of my time this spring has been spend making BIRCA ready for YOU – good happy times with family, friends and colleagues – everyone has helped paint, clean, arrange the garden and run stuff to the dump – so the place and us are ready for you.


Bookings are beginning to roll in and artists have begun to work at BIRCA. I also have some interesting meeting here in June with partners from Gozo and Mallorca – we aspire to making an Island-Residency collaboration!


What I’m really proud of, however, is that we can already present 5 workshops this year! These are open for you to participate in – and I hope that some of it can catch your interest and lure you to Bornholm. You can learn Lucid Dreaming with hello!earth, butoh with Anita Saij, work with your art in nature, also under the leadership of Anita, and/or go to the yoga workshop. In addition, I have made a new course for performer artists and producers. I am honored to get 4 of my best European colleagues to be co-mentors in this program – Yohann Floch, Marie Le Sourd, Chrissie Faniadis and Pia Buchardt.  It has become a course I really want to attend myself. This program is great for people who want to expand their work internationally by being more strategic and precise. Read more details about all these activities on this link. Note that you can combine the courses and stay at BIRCA for a long time – then of course there will be a discount.


I have been enriched and blessed by being allowed to take over Bækkelund and start BIRCA. Now we are creating a vibrant and creative place for everyone. Hope you will join.