2021 has been a super busy year for BIRCA. The place has unfolded in many ways with many exciting projects, record number of residencies and artists using the place. We have been awarded a grant for 4 projects in total DKK 300.000 by the Danish Arts Foundation: Island Connect, BIRCA Women, BIRCA Kids and The Climate Crucible. We have also beensupported indirectly by the Metropolis project Walking Landscapes. Island Connect has lifted through support from Creative Europe, so the partnership has become stronger while especially the international artists have been supported more consistently. There have been self-organized residencies by: Acting for Climate, LocationX and AniMaNi as well as several individual visits.

We have developed and strengthened the 3 tracks we are working with. The local island identity, nature connections and climate reflections as well as gender identity. In the process we have learned a lot of new things. BIRCA has buzzed with art, creativity, enjoying the nature, love, and children.

All in all, 102 adult artists with 8 children and 2 dogs used BIRCA professionally in 2021. 72 of these were women. It is a calculated strategy to as much possible to support female artists in their development. Almost half of the artists – 48 – had an international background.

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