BIRCA annual report 23

Our report from the season is out now – here is it the intro:

2023 has been an exciting year for BIRCA, where we started new residency formats while completing the large Metropolis Landscapes project. We once again had support from the Danish Arts Foundation for this year’s residencies under the title New Horizons of a total of DKK 300,000. We had hoped that the year would also be supported through Creative EU, but it took time to get the new Island Connect project through, so the new round does not start until 24. Therefore, the season had to be completed with the grant from the Danish Arts Foundation. The support were used for a smaller format of Island Connect, for the old formats BIRCA Women and BIRCA Kids as well as for the new BIRCA Queer format. Then we also added a new exciting residency with support from the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Program for Culture, namely BIRCA Baltic Sea, where we had artists from Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia on a residency to investigate ecological performing arts and build networks.

The biggest project of the year was undoubtedly our Performing Landscape’s project Klippekroppe, which was created in collaboration with Metropolis with support from the Danish Arts Foundation, Nordea, Bornholm’s Regional Municipality and Bornholm’s Culture Week. It was massive and we got around the whole island with 7 artists – and at the same time were part of a national network with 9 other projects/organisations. There is a lot of learning that will continue into the venture we are now gearing up more and more towards – namely to be a laboratory for the new ecological performing arts. BIRCA is becoming more and more aware of its role as a dissemination and knowledge platform and is looking at opportunities to raise awareness and make this even more visible.

There have been fine self-organized residencies with Nordic Beasts, Two Destination Language and Myka. Finally, we have started the network RØSK – Reflection room for the new Ecological Performing Arts.

In total, 51 performing artists with their 10 children have visited us in 2023. And we have made 7 external presentations at BIRCA with approx. 100 audience, and over 500 spectators came to see Klippekroppe, including a number of children and dogs.

We have strengthened the 3 tracks we work with: The local/island identity, nature connections/climate considerations and gender identity. We have created space for an even more nuanced understanding of the concept of gender and are happy that there have been queer and BIPOC artists at several residencies. And we continue to be happy to embrace parenthood and welcome children as much as possible. We have also continued the work on our sustainability strategy. We have limited our carbon footprint from buildings as much as possible, but still have a high footprint from travel. We have supported artists in traveling by train and ferry where possible, but has also realized that the ferries have a significant footprint.

You can find the full report in English with lots of photos right here.