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Bornholms Kulturuge 2022 – onsdag 21/9


In the afternoon and evening of 21/9, BIRCA shows a wonderful program with 7 performances created by women who work with dance and circus. There are performances for families and for adults. You will understand the grass, dance with the trees, move with the seaweed, connect deeply with the laughter, understand the spaces you surround yourself with and feel the physical strength and energetic nature of the dance.

Read more about the individual events below and buy tickets here. All events except the workshop can be attended by international audiences as no language or English is being used. All events require the purchase of a culture pass, as we are supported by Culture Week.

Family event 15.30-18

15.30-17: Linh Le/Danmark – Becoming grass – outdoor workshop for families (age 6+, max 15 participants). Price 50 kr.

Come along to a fun workshop for the family where you learn to be and understand the species grass through collective movement, sound and ritual exploration. Find your inner climate activist and fight for the dying species.


Performance artist and climate activist Linh Le took part in BIRCA’s international residency The Climate Crucible in 2021, where she explored transforming into a species of grass through voice, body and ritual – as a way to approach the species, understand, listen and heal the wounds of a world in a climate and biodiversity crisis, where species are dying out at an unnatural high speed. The grass species such as The Baltic Fescue, which is found on Bornholm, is endangered in Denmark, which means that it is in high danger of extinction.


Linh Le is a performer and choreographer and also a member of the performance activist collective Becoming Species, which in close alliance with Extinction Rebellion, makes performative actions and fights for climate justice and real action on the climate and biodiversity crisis.


17.00: WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM? by Nikolina Komljenović/Kroatien – performance for families and children 4+. Price 50 kr.

Two dancers hang in the air on ropes above the audience and invite us to settle down and participate in their play with objects and matter around them. They explore space with us, as a completely new sensory landscape, where something is fragile and uncertain, but can accommodate us nonetheless.

WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM? is a participatory performance for a young audience with a very strong visual atmosphere, based on sensory movements, sound, light and scenography. The performers experience the planet and universe around them with their sense of touch.

WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM? is an Island Connect production created from residencies in 2021.

19 – 20.30 Island Connect program

All 4 performances are being developed in this year’s Island Connect program with support from Creative Europe – price for whole program 100 kr.

Marilén Ribot/Mallorca – Dancing with the trees 15 min

Marilén has started a project where she dances with trees in all the places she stays around the world. At BIRCA, she will dance with our big Chestnut tree in a 15-minute solo.

Marilén Ribot started circus at the age of 24, and has studied at Carampa circus school in Madrid and at Dokk in Stockholm. In 2009 she founded her own company Atempo Circ, with which she has performed worldwide.

Danae Wollen & Samuel Arnold Keane/Ireland –  Where Seaweed Dances – 20 min

Where Seaweed Dances is a mixture of live music, acrobatic movement and theater created on the basis of a survey of coastal areas and studies of the coastal movements and sounds of people, animals and seaweed that live where land meets sea. The sea is the inspiration, as it has been for generations, through the mythology and music of both Irish and Greek storytelling traditions.

Danae Wollen is a contemporary circus performer, specializing in floor acrobatics, cyr wheel and aerial dance. Samuel Arnold Keane is a musician and multidisciplinary artist.


Antoinette Helbing – THE LAUGHING GAME plus presentation of her work with The Laughing Crowd under Island Connect residency – 30 min



Antoinette has worked choreographically to investigate laughter. Laughter is seriously examined as social communication, bodily state, chuckling sound and exuberant sensation, its infectious power and its liberating effect. In 2020, she created the solo performance The Laughing Game, as a tribute to laughter – a celebration of its functions & subtleties at the intersection of dance, installation and concert close to the audience. The performance is shown together with a presentation of Antoinette’s new study together with Birgitte Skand’s The Laughing Crowd, which will have 8 dancers and a whole new degree of involving participants.

Antoinette Helbing is a German dancer and choreographer based in Copenhagen.

Irma Unušić, Sabrina Fraternali og Anna Javoran/Croatia – The Secret Garden – Island Connect work-in-progress showing – 15 min

The Secret Garden is the title of a site-specific and participant-involving performance for young people over the age of 14 developed by the 3 young dancers. In the performance, the search for the good spirit of the place (Genius Loci) is based on the participants’ connection to the surroundings. The purpose is to restore harmony and a better energy to spaces that may have become uninteresting, unproductive and boring for those who use them daily. Movement material and ideas from the performance will be shown.

21.00 – expressive dance solo followed by danceparty. Price 100 kr.

Keren Rosenberg/Israel & Holland – Margela is going primal – 30 min

The audience is allowed to try Keren’s Body-House method and see her transform when she creates the figure Margela, an energy constellation that takes us all into bodily being and expression. It is an ode to the spirit of her ancestors: a fighting spirit with a soft heart. Keren’s solo dance is based on the Body-House method, which is the core of her artistic expression and processes. It is a physically embodied and intuitive method that approaches the body as a vessel that carries energy and vibration, with the skin acting as a two-way wall that mediates between the personal-intimate and the universal energetic flow that is around us and within us .


Keren Rosenberg is an Amsterdam-based performance artist, choreographer and the developer of the Body-House method. As an artist, her work explores themes of connection, liberation, reciprocity and energy. She has taught and performed all over the world.


It is recommended to buy a ticket in advance via this link to purchase tickets. Remaining seats can be purchased at the door. The Culture Week screenings are supported by Bornholm’s Culture Week, Bornholm’s Regional Municipality, the Statens Kunstfond and Creative Europe. Find other culture week events here



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