International perspectives

Working internationally is absolutely essential to me – it’s in my blood. I started out in the 90s with Trevor Davies as a mentor in the Copenhagen Culture City 96 days, where we had a stream of international projects and guest performances – and it has been in my blood ever since. Therefore, the international perspective for me is also quite diverse and founded in many years of friendships and contacts around the world. It’s not just about getting out and meeting people, not just about touring – it’s about creating lasting relationships and creating new things together.


From 95 I have been a member of the IETM network, which is my international “theatrefamiliy” and I participate as much as possible in all meetings around Europe. I have worked at the ITI – International Theater Institute – and love its multicultural approach. I have been to ISPA meetings. Researches on the Res Ars network (that works with artistic residencies). And today I’m also a member of the FACE network (cross-disciplinary formats). I LOVE NETWORKS. But they are also my work tools to build my own networks and projects, this is where I get new knowledge, here I meet people who inspire me. I have been to a myriad of festivals and seen a bunch of performances around the world – which I also LOVE. And yes, these activities also leads to touring activities. Sometimes when we talk about international work, we miss this ambiguity, because we would so much like to sell our performances.


Throughout my work life, I have been working to sell performances, and I have always had smaller touring projects going on – just always avoided becoming an agent. In 2017 I had performances in China, France and 2 times in Norway. In this spring I work with performances for Norway (where Lyst# 2 right now creates a lot of debate), Holland and Belgium. It takes a lot of planning and incredibly hard work to sell performances and get them on the road – and so I’m careful not to promise too much in this field. But I really want to support more international touring. I also know that in order to succeed, an artist really must want it, focus on it and be prepared to create the ultimate clarity of who he / she is. Of course you must have good performances who wants to communicate something, you need to stick up for it, you must know your market and be willing to go to networking events, pitch and listen to what the organizers are asking for. In other words, you must be really professional.


It’s really the reason why I work with mentorships and the development of the artistic clarity – I do not “sell” artists until I really know who they are and what they can achieve, so I can stand 100% behind them. My own renommé is always at stake. We’ll have to go the distance together. And often it involves a lot of time and a lot of meetings, that often has nothing to do with touring at all. Doing projects together and getting collegues to introduce you is a very solid foundation to build your touring on. You have to know what you are doing and do it like a pro.


If you really want to be that pro, I have build the perfect course for you in May at the BIRCA – Capacity Building Workshop with myself, Pia Buchardt and Yohann Floch as your guides into a master plan for your international work. Where you will meet international colleagues who can help you further. Read more about it here. I’m really looking forward to testing this new format – and hope you will give it a try. I have kept the price really low – and before 1. April you can even get an early bird price of 4000 DKK/540 € incl. lodgings and food.


And there are also residencies – here you can have time to investigate your partners while creating art. This is what I build BIRCA for – there is always space for you – just contact me for further information. For Danes and Croats there is a special chance to apply for the Iceland Connect Croatia – read more about this favorite project of mine here


Yes, there are many aspects and many possibilities, many building blocks you can grab and work on.


And you can see a recording of the web event I had with Janet Attwood 14/2 about selflove – or start looking forward to our next web event 14/3 with the beautiful Beth Lefevre – it’s quite free.



Wednesday 14/3 at 16 on Zoom

Meet Beth Lefevre – the Master Trainer of all things. She was the first to become a master trainer of the Passion Test, but she also brought into this work a bunch of her own things on letting go of all the things that holds you back in life. And she runs the Passion Test for Business program.

She taught me so many things and I am so happy to be able to share this moment with her – bringing to you practical sensible advice on how to live your life in peace.

Read more about Beth here. To register and get the full benefit go here


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