Travel options

Located in the middle of the Baltic Sea, Bornholm is easy to get to from various Nordic countries, and there are many travel options. BIRCA is situated on the country side, so if you are not traveling by car, you must take a bus from Rønne harbour.

For GPS or other driving directions the address is: Bolbyvej 7, 3782 Klemensker.


From Sassnitz in Germany to Rønne – see more here.

The ferry is operational in the period from April 1st – November 4th, and the crossing takes 3,5 hours.

Taxi can be booked by calling +45 70 25 25 25.


By PLANE from Jutland and Copenhagen to Rønne

You can fly directly from Billund and Copenhagen.

From June 15th – September 17th you can also fly directly from Aalborg.

For routes, time tables and online booking –  see more here.

By BUS and FERRY from Copenhagen to Rønne

Busses depart from Copenhagen Central Station and drive directly to Ystad in Southern Sweden, from where the ferry departs. In Ystad you walk onto the ferry that arrives at Rønne Harbour 80 minutes later or you drive onbord with the Kombardo Bus. If you buy a train or bus ticket to Rønne, the ferry transfer is included in the price.

Busses depart from just outside Copenhagen Central Station (across from Tivoli) to Rønne – see Bornholmerbussen here.

NB: On request the bus will stop at Copenhagen Airport.

Kombardo Bus is the newest and cheapest – it leaves from Cph main trainstation and drives onto the ferry  here

By CAR and FERRYfrom Copenhagen via Ystad/Rønne to BIRCA

You can take the car onto the ferry.

For ticket prices by car, departure times and online booking – see here. Book early to get cheap tickets.

Driving directions from Rønne harbour to BIRCA you will find here.

REGIONAL BUSSES on Bornholmfrom Rønne harbour to BIRCA.

From Rønne harbour there are busses going to either Klemensker or Hasle Torvet.

They depart from just outside the ferry arrival hall in Rønne. Turn right and walk around the corner of the building.

Route 2 drives in the direction of Hammershus. Get off at Klemensker – Vest, near the super market “Super Brugsen”, and either take a cab from there, or give us a call – we’ll gladly pick you up if it’s possible.

Route 10 drives in the direction of Allinge-Sandvig. Ask to get off at Fejlerevej which is on the road between Klemensker and Hasle Torvet. From here it is a 1,5 km walk to BIRCA.

If neither route 2 nor 10 is operating, you can take Route 1 in the direction of Rønne Havn. Get off at Hasle Torvet and take a cab from there, since Hasle is 6,5 km from BIRCA.

See the timetables for the regional busroutes 1, 2 and 10, and the local busroute 32 here: see more here.